Your Guide To Bounce Below: The World’s Largest Underground Trampoline

Your Guide To Bounce BelowIt is rare during the course of our lives where we experience something shocking new and exciting. With that in mind, consider for a moment a massive, underground mine with a large trampoline. Conjure up the image in your mind of a massive hollowed put that is incredibly wide and drops down into the darkness. Such a pit exists in Wales. For a while, it was an incredibly popular slate mine, providing slate for home and business use through the UK and beyond. Having been abandoned for some time, entrepreneurs managed to bring life back to the mine, combining history, experience and a lot of fun into a single amazing day. Prepare to be amazed and see something you never thought you would see. Prepare yourself for Bounce Below, the world’s largest underground trampoline.

Hard To Imagine, Easy To Enjoy

Bounce Below is an entertainment park that combines both massive sized trampolines and a zip line adventure through the mines. Making your way deep underground, you emerge into a massive chamber that is expansive. From one wall of the cavern to the other are countless springs and ropes. Taking up the majority of the center of the cavern are two giant trampolines.

Consider for a moment what it is like to come down into the earth, and then stand on a trampoline where below you appears to be infinite nothingness. Shocking for some and incredibly fun for others, Bounce Below is out of this world. More than just a trampoline or zip line experience, it can lead you and your family to see things never before imagined. Put together by truly creative minds, the world’s largest underground trampoline does not disappoint.

From Meager Beginnings

Beginning around the beginning of the 1900’s, slate mining and production took off throughout Wales. Leading to numerous mines like this one, the space that would eventually become Bounce Below was carved out by people looking for slate. An incredibly useful material with multiple beneficial applications in home construction, slate eventually became less popular as other materials came onto the market. After WWI and WWII, the demand for slate decreased even more. Coupled with the additional challenges of getting slate out of this particular mine, it was soon closed down. On July 3, 2014, it opened up again, but this time to the world. Part historical lesson and part Adventure Park, Bounce Below brought life back to this incredible space. In a cave that is twice the size of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Bounce Below includes a zip line that makes its way through the space. In addition, it includes a two part trampoline experience, where a 60 foot long slide connects the two.

Should I Consider Bringing My Family To Bounce Below?

While it may not be worth taking a vacation solely to see this fascinating place, it should be worth a half day trip if you happen to be in the area. Bounce Below is an excellent way for you and your family to learn about the shale industry in the region, and the livelihood of individuals who lived and worked in the area for generations. Matching the beautiful caverns in Bounce Below is the beauty of the Welsh landscapes, which combine rugged beauty with attractions to experience. For now, if anyone in your family loves caves or trampolines, Bounce Below should definitely be up there on your list of possible attractions. Otherwise, consider skipping Bounce Below to take in the sites and attractions above ground. Either way, it is hard to go wrong in this part of Wales.

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