Top 6 Things to Do in Bath, UK

bath-uk-rowingBath is located 156 km west of London and 19 km southeast of Bristol, in Somerset, South West England and is a rowing hotspot. The city is named after the Roman baths built there, which are believed to have curative properties. But Bath is much more than a hot spring haven and a rowing hotspot. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself here, check out these 6 attractions and activities you can’t miss while you’re in town.

Open-Top Bus Tour

The easiest way to explore Bath is by jumping on the red, open-top buses for a thorough 50-minute ride. You have the option of getting on at any of its 38 stops, getting off wherever you want to explore, and then hopping back on, for as many times as you want. The tour guides on the buses are fun, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. You also have the option of donning earphones and listening to a pre-recorded guide available in ten languages.

Roman Baths

The place that birthed the city. These Roman Baths were built in 70 AD and are incredibly preserved. Be sure to pick up an audio guide so you’ll know all the intimate details of this ancient site – available in eight languages, a kid-friendly version, and a hilarious one narrated by Bill Bryson.

Thermae Bath Spa

Thermae Bath Spa is the ONLY bath in Britain with naturally warm water, rich in minerals. Open from day into the night, you can choose to bathe indoors or on the rooftop with impressive views of Bath. With additional steam rooms and a restaurant, you can spend a good chunk of your day unwinding from your hectic holiday.

Jane Austen Centre

Perhaps the most famous resident of Bath, Jane Austen is memorialized in this museum. Set in the Regency times, the Centre explains how living in Bath affected Austen’s life, and ultimately, her writing. Expect costumes and films set in an authentic atmosphere along with guides and a unique giftshop.

Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House & Museum

If you’re gluten-intolerant, you might want to risk the adverse effects of wheat for this light, and semi-sweet delicious bun from Bath. One of the oldest house in Bath and centrally located, Sally Lunn’s not only serves her famous bun for morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon tea, guests can also tour Sally Lunn’s original kitchen.

Row the River Avon

For those with more athletic and adventurous tendencies, try your hand at rowing various types of vessels (Thames Skiffs, Canadian canoes, kayaks, punts & rowing punts) to explore the River Avon. Available for rent by the hour or for an entire day, just make sure to bring plenty of water, snacks, and some protection from the sun.

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