Rendezvous With UK Even On A Stringent Budget

The United Kingdom offers plenty for the visiting public apart from its extended hospitality. With skyrocketing inflation rates, spending more on vacation is not on the top most priority list of families in the present day. Fortunately for those who are travelling on a tight budget, there are plenty of places that can be visited without having to shell out big money.

The King’s Lynn in West Norfolk
King’s LynnFree guided walk leaflets can get you to the King’s Lynn where there are regular walks that include the ‘Docklands Walk’ and the ‘Historic Lynn’. The evening walks include ‘The Darker Side of the Lynn’ that focuses on the tales of witchcraft, hangings, treason and murder. There are guided walk groups as well that can be chosen for a more structural exploration of the town. The walk also offers sightseeing of what was one of England’s most important ports that includes watching the fishing boats land their catch and loading grain into the vessels.

Wordsworth’s House and Garden in Cockermouth
Wordsworth’s House and Garden in CockermouthIf you want to experience 18th century life while visiting the homes of one of the greatest poets who ever lived, Cockermouth is the place. You can listen to the fascinating stories of the house and the gardens. Stepping into Dove Cottage in Grasmere, you will enjoy the place where some of the greatest romantic poetries were created by the great man himself. For inspiration, refuge and meditation, a stroll in the cottage garden can do wonders. It was here in the garden that Wordsworth wrote ‘the work of our own hands’. Adjacent to the cottage is the Wordsworth museum that holds the paintings, books and manuscripts written by the poet.

Blackpool Model Village
Blackpool Model VillageIf you want to have a microscopic view on the English rural life, the Blackpool Model Village is the place that you want to be. From thatched cottages to smartly dressed guardsmen, there is exquisite care taken to ensure a typical replica of the rural life is captured in a miniature level. The details on these handmade figurines can amaze one and all who visit, and this is definitely the place to go if you are serious about budget destinations.

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