How Quadcopters Have Helped People Take Great Shots of the UK

The Quadcopter is a multi-rotor helicopter that is normally lifted and propelled by four propellers. It uses an electronic control system and sensors to stabilize and can be flown indoors or outdoors. These Quadcopters have been seen all over the United Kingdom, helping tourists take great photographs of tourist attractions. Many tourists can be seen flying their Quadcopters lifting itself to a greater height as it photographs the aerial view below. Afterwards they can then view all of the photos stored to see what has been taken. Since they are much smaller than a helicopter, it can be sent to smaller areas or crevices where a helicopter cannot go for a more personal photograph.


Advantages of using the Quadcopter Versus a Helicopter

There are several advantages of the Quadcopter versus the comparably scaled helicopter. First, mechanical linkages are not needed to vary the rotor blade pitch angle as the rotors spin. This makes the design and maintenance easier. Second, the use of four rotors has a smaller diameter than a helicopter rotor, allowing them to produce less kinetic energy during flight. This reduces rotor damage in case the rotors hit something. It also makes the Quadcopter safer for closer interaction. And some small scale Quadcopters have frames that protect the rotors during challenging and up close interaction, allowing for a more successful project. Due to their easier construction and control, these gadgets are becoming the choice for amateur model craft project owners in the United Kingdom.

Other Uses for the Quadcopter

Quadcopters are also being used today as an unmanned aerial aircraft for researchers to test and evaluate new ideas in a number of different areas. These include: flight control theory, navigation, real-time systems and robotics. They are able to hover in mid-air, follow in formation, to autonomously perform complex flips, dart through hula hoops and dart through windows, just to name a few of its capabilities.

They can also be used by amateurs for testing procedures because they are less expensive, available in different sizes and simply designed. They can be built and designed by amateurs to work on projects in the fields of computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, as well as other areas.

People everywhere in the United Kingdom are becoming aware of how simple using them can be. For those tourists who want to use a drone for their project of taking great aerial photographs, the investment of buying the Quadcopter for an amateur enthusiast could not be a better one. Navigating them is the one thing that you will want to get used to, as you learn to send it into the areas of travel that you would like to see it go.

Check out this great video of a drone being flown around London’s major tourist attractions:

Safety First!

Remember to be careful when flying your Quadcopter as to not fly in areas where there is little to no protection for the spinning rotors. Some areas are not meant for them to go into. These are areas where you will have to keep an open mind about photographing or not photographing there. Also, since you see what is around the corner, you can avoid a dangerous situation that you are unable to handle.

As always, before buying a Quadcopter for your project, keep in mind what size and what type of Quadcopter you will need. While they may be interesting for other people to look at, keep in mind that you must understand what you are photographing as well as being able to control your drone for producing great photographic shots. All of the United Kingdom is waiting on you to get out there as a tourist and enjoy every aerial view up close and personal.

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