Embarking On The Wild Isles of Scotland

Scottish Islands

If you want to have a glimpse of the Scottish islands and Highlands, all that you need to do is to watch the Hogwarts train chug over the real Glenfinnan Viaduct in the Harry Potter sequels. Such is the astonishing beauty of Scotland. Getting up close on the real thing can leave you with goose bumps combine it with picturesque landscapes and an appealing green countryside with a vast spread of wildlife, which makes up for more than the threat of rain that will come your way.

All it takes is a train ride and a small ferry ride after that from the bustling city of Glasgow for you to experience this amazement. If you are a wildlife lover, you will enjoy Scotland all the way through. A small trip on a ferry will take you past porpoises and diving seals. As you walk past the meadows of the highlands, you will see the highland cows and the red deer grazing in the open. Scotland is the place to be to experience the sweet amalgamation of nature – landscape and wildlife. Scotland boasts of some amazing islands with tremendous wildlife appeal, here are a few that will be sketched in the memory forever.

Meet the Cormorants, Guillemots and Puffins on the Lunga
The Lunga is completely inhabited and is occupied by a vast rabbit population. A visit to the islands can be entertaining enough to watch these hoppers entertaining themselves. But that is not all – during the summer months which is the nesting season, half pint sized puffins visit the island by the thousands. It is quite a sight watching them diving down into the sea from their cliff-top burrows and coming out into the land all wobbly and panicky in an attempt to catch the sand eels. They are completely unbothered to humans watching them with wonder. But in a way the tourists there help, as they keep the predatory birds away, making it safe for them to breed. The island also has guillemots and cormorants.

Mull Over Minke Whales and Sea Eagles on Mull
The Mull Island is well connected by ferry that can take you to the surrounding smaller islands in the vicinity. After becoming extinct in the local area, the white tailed sea eagles were reintroduced into the wild after being shipped from Scandinavia. Here it is possible to see them nest and breed on the high trees and at times as they swoop down to catch fish. It is also possible to spot Minke Whales and other similar species as they shadow along with the ferry.

Go Fishing Across The Saintly Water of Colonsay
With sandy beaches and hopping rabbits, Colonsay offers a dreamy sight for tourists. There are plenty of fishes out in the sea – literally and hence those fishing lovers can cast their bait in the water and enjoy the time out there in the water. But that is not all, the medieval Oronsay Priory located on a separate island is linked to 6th century Irish missionaries who had been instrumental in converting Scotland to Christianity. A walk during the low tide to this island can be thrilling rather than taking the drive.

Enjoy Bird Watching at Islay
Bird Watching IsleyIslay as known to many thanks to its whisky, is also popular for the bird species that inhabit the island. There is a record of 250 species of birds on the island with a high population of barnacle and white fronted geese flocking during the winter months. Golden eagles can be spotted round the year. There is a special attraction in Islay apart from the above mentioned – the whirlpools. These are created by the bottlenecked tides. The Corryvreckan whirlpool is the most popular among them.

Apart from the wildlife there are some other interesting locales in Scotland like the Fingal’s Cave that is located on the island of Staffa that had inspired romantic poets and celtic legends alike and the Goatfell in Arran that offers plenty of hiking in the pleasant woods of the mountainous northern parts of the island.

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  1. Scotland is a beauty by itself – plenty of interesting things to see apart from the busy cities.

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