Bath – An All Regency Splendour

The seven unfolding hills, the regency splendour, the history and the honey hued wonder of Bath, overwhelms the senses. The historical city is quite a sight to watch when it is seen from a high – with the Jane Austen’s ambience set beautifully amidst the comely countryside of Somerset.

Bath has a history of curing illness and has been a settlement ever since the days of King Bladud who wallowed in the local bud and was magically cured of his leprosy some 3000 years back. The Romans were the ones who found the healing waters, the Aquae Sulis, and built a mighty grand complex around it in 44 AD which stands proudly even today. The 21st century incarnation of the Roman bathhouse is the rooftop mineral pool that looks over the surrounding streets and the Abbey is quite a sight to see especially during the twilight.

The City’s Skyline Walk
London skyline viewThe seven hilltops that surround the city are the natural skylines from where the beauty of the city can be basked in. The Skyline Walk around the city offers just that offering the doorstep to see Bath at every possible angle. The Skyline walk is a 10 km stretch that is the route guide of the city. The trail begins from the University of Bath and runs through the silent woodlands a hill fort and the architectural glories of the city.

Just off the route is the Bathwick Hill that offers one of the best views of the city below. The Sham Castle which is also just a tad off route from the trail resembles a Hollywood Set, which is a magnificent facade. The landscape garden of Prior Park welcomes tourists who tread on the skyline walk where the enthralling beauty of a rare Palladian bridge and the blooming flower beds captivates the mind.

The walk can be a steep one though, but the view is amazing. Those who are unable to cover the distance on foot can choose the Skyline bus drive where they can hop on and hop off. The bus links all the important points in the skyline.

City Views Within The City
City Views Within The City in united kingdomThe Bath Abbey has about 212 steps, and those swift stair climbers can find it really amazing to climb the stairs for a view of the city while still being inside it. It is possible to take a guided tour even on top of the vaulted ceiling of the 15th century building. The Beckford’s Tower is also a good choice. This was originally built as a study with an awesome view of the city below. This can be reached through the first floor museum.

In addition to those mentioned there is also the Alexandra Park that is seated on the top of the Beeches Cliff, the Royal Victoria Park, where there are balloon operators offering floats to look at the city and beyond, the Solsbury Hill is another prime locale that offers a splendid view of the Avon Valley and Bath. Then, there is the Perfect View Road that is located just behind Camden Crescent that most definitely lives up to its name.

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  1. Its a beautiful place, the balloon rides especially are amazing.

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